Friday, October 30, 2015

Waiting for a port flush

Ahh Friday, how I enjoy you. I don't have classes or practicum on Fridays this semester, so those are my days to rest, recover, and rejuvenate. I'm getting quite used to my three day weekend every weekend. This Friday, I am supposed to be getting my monthly port flush out of the way. However, I have no idea what time the home health nurse will be arriving at my apartment. She called me yesterday to say she had a busy day and would text me about an hour before she arrived, so at least I get a little bit of notice. Yet I feel like I have to stay home all day, waiting for her text. I don't want to be far from my apartment and then have to rush home or stop running errands so I can be back in time, and I need at least 30 minutes to let the numbing cream work before the nurse arrives to access my port. I've been doing homework and went to my apartment's gym to work out, but now, I'm just waiting to get on with my day. Waiting for the text that says she'll be at my apartment in an hour. Waiting to know how I should plan the rest of my day. I love home health, don't get me wrong. I'm so appreciative that I don't have to go up to the hospital and that someone comes to my apartment to take care of my medical needs. However, one of the problems with home health is that most people who use it are not capable to live a "normal" life. The patients often don't have busy days, and the home health nurse can come whenever it works best for her. I am not the typical home health patient.

Hopefully she will text me soon. For now, I'll be waiting...and waiting...and waiting.

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