Thursday, January 1, 2015

In the end, it's just a game

If you've ever kept up with college football, you've probably heard of the Cotton Bowl. It's definitely one of the best bowl games played at the end of the season, especially for a Texas team, playing on our turf and defending our territory. Baylor had the opportunity to represent the Big 12 as the number 5 team in the nation in the Cotton Bowl today against the number 8 team, Michigan State. I was able to attend the game in Dallas at Jerry World (aka AT&T Stadium), and boy, was it an experience! For starters, the stadium is huge, and I've never seen a jumbotron that ginormous before. Both the Baylor and Michigan State crowds represented well in numbers. I was surrounded by thousands of crazy, screaming football fans, and I loved it. 

Baylor played great. Our offense showed up big time. Bryce Petty threw some amazing passes and set Cotton Bowl records left and right. KD Cannon set a record for most receiving yards for a true freshman. Our defense had some great stops and played tough until the end. McGowan, a 390 pound OL, received and scored a TOUCHDOWN. It was a game full of a lot of excitement and thrilling moments. Unfortunately, Baylor did not win out this round. MSU played well, and they won the game 42-41. However, I'm still SO proud of my Baylor Bears. They had a fantastic football season and grew in their talents and skills as they represented Baylor well. In the end, a football game is just a football game. I love the following quote from Bryce Petty after the incredibly heartbreaking loss:

Q: What did you learn about your faith today?

Bryce: My faith? Shoot, it's just a football game. It's a blessing to be able to play this, so it has nothing to do with a loss of faith or anything like that. My prayer before every game is win, lose or draw, I hope and pray that God sits well with how I performed and knows that I did it for Him. I'll never waver in that.

The Baylor coaching staff instills in every player that walks through their doors that football is not the end all and be all. Yes, football is a fantastic game. It's entertaining and is a huge part of Baylor University. However, life is a lot more than football, winning games, and beating opponents. Life is about glorifying God with everything you do. It's about loving others fully and living well to the end of our days. It's about using the gifts and talents we have been given to point others to Christ. Baylor Athletics understands that there are much more important things in life than sports games. I am incredibly grateful to attend a school that recognizes the reality of life and does not put all our worth in things that will fade but rather encourages people to turn to God and glorify Him with all He has given them.

Congratulations Michigan State on a game well played! 

Sic 'em forever. 

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