Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thoughts in the early morning

I love mornings. I know that's strange for a college student to say, but I'm such a morning person. I enjoy waking up before it's super bright outside and sitting in the still quiet of the incoming day. I also do some of my best thinking in the morning (However, if you catch me around 12 midnight-4am, don't expect me to say anything intelligent. I have to have my sleep for me to be able to put words together coherently). This morning, I've been thinking about soccer (football, for my nonAmerican friends). Go with me here. The World Cup has been going on, and I've watched several of the matches. The players work incredibly hard for 90 minutes trying to score more goals than the opponent. By the end of the match, they have sweat pouring out in buckets from every sweat gland in their body, and they are exhausted and potentially injured. But none of that matters to them. They dedicate those 90 minutes to doing whatever it takes to win the match. They go after the prize with fervor and intensity, refusing to quit. I want to live my life like a World Cup soccer player. I want to go after every second of life with a dedication to not wasting any of it. I want to live my whole life to the purpose of glorifying God and making His name and His love known. I want to use my passions to impact the world for the better. I want to learn to love more deeply every day, and I want to learn how to be joyful in all circumstances. I want to enjoy all the precious moments God has blessed me with in my life. I don't want to meander through life; why would I want to waste a second of time I'm given? 

I want to truly live. 

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