Friday, September 27, 2013

I Need a Nebulizer

If you are in anyway connected to the CF world, you will think the following video is absolutely hilarious. I saw it a few days ago thanks to my mom. I was pretty glad I watched the video alone in my apartment because I'm pretty sure my roommates would think I was crazy due to my excessive laughter.  Seriously though, I related to the video so much!! I just wanted to share it with all my friends so that they could understand more about my life (which I guess is why I'm posting it on this blog). I dare you to watch the video and not crack a smile--I don't think you can. :)

If you do not know much about CF or are new to the disease, you may find the video strange and maybe even a bit disturbing. Think of it this way; CF affects every part of a person's body--the lungs, the digestive system, the pancreas, iron levels in the blood, the reproductive system, the bones, the nasal passage, the chemicals in the body, etc. Pretty much every system. When you watch the video, try your best to put yourself in a CFer's shoes, even though you may not understand a significant portion of the song. 

Sometimes, the best way to survive hardship is to laugh. 

Here's the video--enjoy!! I Need a Nebulizer

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