Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Challenge

At the beginning of the year, my sister decided each month of 2012, she would challenge herself to a different task. These tasks are meant to make her healthier, physically, emotionally, or spiritually. For example, the month of January, she gave up drinking soda. Well, I've decided to join her on her quest! Although I didn't say I wouldn't drink soda in January, I don't like soda, so I inadvertently participated in the January task.

For the month of February, we are taking the 30-day challenge. If you haven't heard of this challenge, it encourages people to only listen to Christian music for an entire month. As I said in an earlier post, Christian music is such a great way to worship God. Everyone worships God best in different ways. For me, I love worshipping through singing and listening to others cry out to Him. So, I am thrilled to begin this challenge! I am excited to see how my sister and I grow spiritually in the coming month.

I encourage you to join the challenge with my sister and me! It's simple, really. Just tune your radio station to a Christian station or set your iPod to play a specific genre, and enjoy! Happy February, everyone :)

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